The self-catering villas consist of five three-bedroom duplexes and five two-bedroom bungalows. All villas are tastefully furnished for long term residency

Tennis Courts

We have two standard tennis courts for your fitness and recreational periods

Well Equipped Gym

A well equipped Gym for your all round body fitness. With this, you will surely enjoy your routine exercise

Basket Ball Court

We have a basket ball court that you can relax, entertain, and relieve yourself of any form of stress or pain. You can also learn how to play and make new friends.You will have a lot of experience about our hotel after visiting and lots of good stories to tell

Swimming Pool

Our Olympic sized swimming pool with accompanying children splash pool for your family and friends

Gift/Curio Shop

We have a Gift/Curio Shop where you can buy any sort of gift and surprise your loved ones


Our top class boutique have got you covered, with available stock ranging from hats, shirts, belts to trousers, shoes, etc. you have all you need


You can get your newspapers, novels, magazines and other published text materials at our well stocked bookshop

Massage Therapy Centre

Relax your mind with super nice massage from our professionals who has years of experience to provide the best of service

Business Centre

Print, photocopy, laminate & bind your documents at our well equipped business center. We also offer other exclusive services like typing, document editing, etc. at our business center

Free Wi-Fi

Every one needs internet access especially in our ever evolving society of internet powered activities and businesses. Having this in mind we have made provison for free wifi access for our guests

Volley Ball Court

A standard volley ball court is available to all volley ball lovers and for everyone to play, spectate and maintain body fitness

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